What we love about Montana.

So much ❤️ for Montana!


Valentine’s Day is upon us so in honor of the day of love, we asked what you love about Montana over on our Facebook page and wow, you BLEW us away with your answers!

Over 1,600 of you answered and we read each and every response. We all have a special place in our hearts for this great state and we loved hearing all of the reasons you love this amazing place we are lucky enough to call home! In fact, we loved hearing so much that we had to share some of our favorite answers and some of our own reasons with you.

Why does Montana Shirt Co LOVE Montana?

Justin: Because Montana is home and it’s an outdoorsman’s paradise

Shannon: There is no where else in the world like it, Montana is home and there’s no place like home.

Nikki: The mountains, the sky, the lakes

Rick: All of the outdoor opportunities

Bennett: The scenery. It’s home. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Also, Montana has cool t-shirts, great shirts come out of Montana.

Bev: *Sings* “M-O-N-T-A-N-A” after living in San Francisco for two years, you will understand why it is so great. I can’t even explain it in a short sentence

Dave:  I love the sound of a Montana stream and the rush when a native trout takes my fly. I love tree skiing in Montana when it's snowing so hard you can hear the sound of snowflakes. I love that I met my wife on a chairlift here, and I love that we get to raise our kids in the best place in the whole world. Montana is more than a place to me, it's shared feelings of peace, freedom, adventure and belonging with everyone that calls Big Sky country home. Oh, and the beer... I love Montana beer!

Natalie:  Montana just feels right! I grew up outside of Detroit and always knew I would live in the mountains one day. I have been lucky to call Whitefish, Montana home for 23 years now.  I love the beauty, the laid back way of life, raising my boys to love the outdoors, and of course I love all of the wonderful folks who support our small business and spread the Montana love and pride. 

Some of our favorite answers on Facebook:

Erin D.  LOVE the mountains, the simple living, and the down to earth people

Carrie W.  Love going to the mountains! Good for the soul.

Kassidee R I love how free I feel when I am there. It's my home. Plus you will not meet people who are incredibly selfless like they are in Montana

AB H.  I can't possibly list all the things I love about Montana, but she has the most beautiful scenery and the most wonderful people anywhere

Beth L.  What I love about Montana is that it grows into your soul. We've been away for many years now but I still remember those formidable days of young adulthood under the biggest sky with the warmest friends and best adventures.

Andrea T.  Describing my love for Montana could take ages! It's breathtaking. It's still yet wild all at once! It's free. The people are uniquely genuine. It's open. It's a true gem. It's home. My love for Montana only grows.

Candice C.  I LOVE that MT is more than just our beautiful state.. it's a way of life!

Danielle C.  Love the devotion Montanans have toward their home here and the unmatched sunrises and sunsets. Our sky is always beautiful.

After reading all of your amazing answers, we saw a trend developing and noticed a lot of people love Montana for a lot of the same reasons. The top reason you love Montana was EVERYTHING!

Closely followed by: the mountains, the people, wide open spaces, that it is home, the seasons, the sky and the outdoors. There are so many reasons to love Montana and we are so happy you shared why you love Montana with us!


Congratulations to our contest winners!

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Glacier National Park is a true Montana treasure!

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The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the official nonprofit fundraising partner of Glacier National Park and their mission is to provide support for education, preservation and research for the park. It is vital for us to respect our National Parks to help preserve them for future generations to enjoy as much as we do.



Just a few things that the Glacier National Park Conservancy funded for 2015 are: Glacier Careers summer college internships, climate change teacher workshop, expanded bear box programs, saving the threatened bull trout and SO many more projects. To see everything that donations to the Conservancy funded in full last year, click here, the list is pretty amazing!




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13 Must-Follow Montana Instagrams (+1 for Good Luck!)

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs." - Ansel Adams

In a world awash with "information" (sometimes an overwhelming amount), Instagram is restoring the soul-feeding power of simple, singular images. With photographs, we get to write our own stories. We relate, laugh, and aspire. We are moved.

Montana runs at the rate of about a million awe-inspiring stories per second. At any given moment, someone is making and sharing a once-in-a-lifetime memory. So it was hard to pick just a handful of must-follows, but with your help we found your Montana Instagram Starter Kit. Know of others? Please share with us in the comments!

Note: Images link to original photos and captions.

1. @visitmontana is the official Instagram account of the Montana Office of Tourism (and originator of the popular #MontanaMoment hashtag). It brims with beautiful images of the state we love. Many are Regrams... A great way to discover even more follow-worthy Montana photographers.


2. @glaciernps documents over a million acres of the most special land in the world. The official Instagram of Glacier National Park is a mix of Regrams culled from #GlacierNPS and other hashtags, and original photos from Park Rangers and other staff.


3. @yellowstonenps is another Montana Instagram must-follow. Though occupying just a sliver of the Big Sky State, Yellowstone Park holds an important place in our hearts and reminds us that borders are just lines on a map.


4. @southeastmontana, the official Instagram of Southeast Montana Tourism, showcases the state's hidden gems in that wild and still largely unspoiled land (shhhhh). From the big city to big open spaces, discover it here.


5. @glacierpreservationproject shines a light on the connection between Montana's fragile lands and the people who can only stand in awe. Follow along as Seth and Jill take their six kids (and other friends and family) on a journey to experience and document all of the 25 remaining glaciers in Glacier National Park... Before they disappear forever. (more here:


6. @muledragger knows a thing or two about getting in touch with nature in Montana. Follow along as he packs mule teams deep into the backcountry, serving remote USFS camps and others. Giving back to help protect the wilderness he loves.


7. @ralfafara is Glacier Park Ranger Becca Alfafara, who lives with her husband inside Glacier National Park. Living and working in such a remote area puts this popular Instagrammer in a unique position to capture truly stunning stills. Follow and enjoy.


8. @chrismcgowanphotography's Instagram confirms... If you want stunning, pro photos... Follow a pro. This Helena-based photographer (and photography instructor) drops crispy-clean, calendar-worthy shots of Montana wildlife and landscapes.


9. @andyaustinphoto is Andy Austin, a 2013 MSU grad and former Bobcat football player who has an eye for what makes Montana special. Follow as this up-and-coming photographer progresses and shares his contagious exuberance on Instagram.


10. @dusanmontana is Czechoslovakian-born Dusan Smetana, one of the world's most sought-after sporting photographers. He makes his home base in Montana, racing homing pigeons, breeding Icelandic sheep, and living the good life with his family on the banks of the Gallatin River.


11. @mykehphoto will hike, bike, run, ski, and climb to the ends of the Earth to get his shot. This Montana-based endurance sports and outdoors specialist has an Instagram that will get your heart pumping and send your spirit soaring.


12. @sarahollenbeckmt posts from her family sheep farm outside of Billings, Montana. No big deal, right? Until you scroll down and see that Sara often dresses her animals in elaborate costumes and pits them against celebrities in Instagram Fashion Face-Offs. Follow along for these and other shenanigans.


13. @bestofmontana (the work of @andyaustinphoto) is seeking to celebrate the best Montana photos and photographers. So far, so good! Hashtag your own shots #bestofmontana for a chance to be featured.


That's our list of must-follow Montana Instagrams! But we couldn't leave you at unlucky number 13. Now, be sure to follow 14. @montanashirtco for lots of, well, you know...