We want to help make sure that you’re still wearing your Montana Shirt Company garment for years to come.

Your garment was screen printed by hand in our small Whitefish, MT shop. The inks and printing techniques we use give your shirt a distressed look and a soft feel. It’s like you’ve owned it for years the first time you put it on.

In order to actually make your garment last for years, we’ve come up with some laundering tips and tricks.


The safest way to wash all of our garments is with cold water and a mild detergent. If you’re the type who doesn’t sort your laundry (don’t worry, we won’t tell), this is definitely the way to go. Always turn your shirt inside-out before washing. This helps preserve the screen print and protect the fabric from pilling and extend the life of your shirt.

Just remember, the warmer the water, the more likely you are to experience bleeding, fading, and shrinking.

We recommend drying your clothes just like great-grandma did -- on a clothesline. If you can’t wait to throw on that shirt or hoodie, please just make sure the dryer is set on low, and don’t forget to turn things inside-out.